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Why Synbioblox?

From Challenge to Opportunity

The Growing Concern

  • Rising population & consumption leading to massive Greenhouse Gas emissions.

  • Aviation contributes 3.5% to global GHG effects.

  • Must transition from <1% Synthetic Aviation Fuel today to 100% in 2050.

The SynBioBlox Opportunity

  • Convert GHGs into SAF using synthetic organisms designed using AI and ML tools and verified in vivo.

  • SAF market projected to be 130 B liters by 2050, with an estimated value of US$400 B.

  • Goal for ActiveX is 10% market share.

The Synbioblox Advantage

  • Proprietary tailored genetic design process

  • Achieved in 1 year & <$1M what others did in a decade & $70-100M

  • 5-year development cycle at SBB vs. 15-20 years for others

  • SBB is ready to start scaling up

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