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Welcome to SynBioBlox, a state-of-the-art biological engineering corporation at the forefront of environmental innovation. We specialize in leveraging synthetic biology platforms and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to transform greenhouse gases into value.

Our approach is not just about creating useful products and processes;

it's about shaping a sustainable future.

Revolutionizing Environmental Solutions for Global Challenges


To develop and deploy biological solutions that produce the products and services needed for a greener and more sustainable world.



We emphasize openness, accountability, and  communication in our environmental technology and professional practices.


We partner and collaborate in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and synthetic biology to build stronger teams and provide global solutions .


We employ leading edge tools and technology to advance the bio-based economy in waste-to-value transformation.


We focus on promoting social understanding and support for environmental sustainability.

SynBioBlox Tailored Bio-Design and Development Approach

“Tailored Bio-Design and Development” form the heart of SynBioBlox’s unique approach to bio-engineering innovation. By integrating advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with cutting-edge genomic research and synthetic biology tools, we can design biological systems that help shape a future in which technology economically meets ecology.

    ● Proprietary techno-economic models help to determine biological performance

    ● Promising organism families are then evaluated to find those offering the best

    ● Genome scale metabolic models are constructed to identify and evaluate design

       modifications to enhance promising organisms.

Only then do we go in vivo, to create and improve a viable bio-engineered organism with a high probability it will meet previously established performance specifications.

SynBioBlox Tailored Design
Development Approach

23-12-07 SBB Tailored Design Development Approach Rev. 1.png

SynBioBlox's innovative and cost effective approach to biological engineering is designed to meet the needs of emitters, manufacturers, investors, and regulatory bodies,

and help their drive toward a
sustainable and profitable global future.

SynBioBlox Accomplishments

Within a one year timeframe and for less than one million dollars,
SynBioBlox developed and delivered a:
     1) Data driven digital approach to foster rapid iteration and improvement of genetic designs

     2) Genome scale metabolic model incorporating 789 genes, 1349 reactions, and 1367 metabolites
     3) Comprehensive techno-economic model including mass, energy, and carbon flux and balances
     4) Viable enhanced bio-engineered organism

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