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Products and Services

SynBioBlox:  Innovative Biological Solutions for Transforming Your Business

Our advanced products and services focus on defining and solving your issues using sustainable and profitable biological solutions.


SynBioBlox products range from building blocks to final products.

Petri Dish
Platform Organisms

Platform organisms are building blocks which are developed and enhanced to maximize efficiency, consume waste through biological conversion, and create optimal value for specific applications.

Precursor Molecules and End Products

Precursor molecules are the basis for the production of both bio-based commodities and high-value end products, such as sustainable aviation fuel, chemicals, fertilizer, animal feed and nutrition.

Pipetting Samples

Technical Services 

SynBioBlox works with customers to develop bio-engineering services tailored to their specific needs.


We develop and integrate biological solutions for specific customer-driven challenges. SynBioBlox's innovative and cost-effective approach to process development is designed to help emitters, manufacturers, investors, and regulatory bodies achieve a more sustainable and profitable future.

Tools and Deployment

SynBioBlox's proprietary techno-economic models support feasibility studies to generate the specifications for outcome-oriented production processes. Once developed, these processes and standard operating procedures can then be deployed.

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