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SynBioBlox offers innovative biological solutions. Our advanced  services leverage synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform greenhouse gases into valuable products and pave the way for a sustainable future.


Work with SynBioBlox to produce biological

solutions for your business needs.


SynBioBlox is developing a robust pipeline of products, ranging from groundbreaking biofuels to innovative materials, all designed with sustainability at their core.

Platform Organisms

Platform organisms are the building blocks which are combined, developed and enhanced to maximize efficiency, consume waste through biological conversion, and create optimal value for specific applications.

Precursor Molecules and End Products

Precursor molecules form the basis for the production of both bio-based commodities and high-value end products, such as sustainable aviation fuel, chemicals, fertilizer, feed and nutrition.

Petri Dish

Technical Services

Custom Solutions for Specific Customer Needs

SynBioBlox offers bespoke bio-engineering services to tackle the specific needs of our customers, leading to solutions that vary from feasibility studies and evaluations to digital genome scale metabolic models and custom organism designs.

Proprietary Techno-Economic Models

Utilizing proprietary techno-economic models, SynBioBlox generates the specifications for outcome-oriented designs, leading to the development of effective biological conversion solutions.

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