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Products and Services

Explore SynBioBlox's innovative biological solutions. Our advanced products and services leverage synthetic biology, AI and ML to transform GHGs into valuable resources and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Our Product Pipeline

SynBioBlox is developing a robust pipeline of products, set for market entry within the next few years. These range from groundbreaking biofuels to innovative materials, all designed with sustainability at their core.

Platform Organisms

SynBioBlox considers and carefully selects organisms with multi-utility potential and desirable characteristics. These building blocks are then combined, developed and enhanced to maximize efficiency in GHG conversion and create optimal value.

Precursor Molecules and End Products

Our precursor molecules form the basis for the production of both bio-based commodities and high-value end products, such as sustainable aviation fuel, chemicals, fertilizer, feed and nutrition.

Petri Dish

Technical Services

Feasibility Studies and Evaluations

We offer bespoke bio-engineering services to tackle the specific needs of our customers, including feasibility studies and custom organism design.

Proprietary Techno-Economic Models

Utilizing proprietary techno-economic models, SynBioBlox expertly crafts specifications for biological systems, leading to the development of digital genomic models. This approach enables the design of organisms that produce essential molecules and products.

SBB Tailored Design Development Approach

Welcome to the heart of innovation at SynBioBlox – our unique SBB Tailored Design Development Approach. This pioneering process stands as a testament to our commitment to timely, effective solutions in GHG mitigation. By integrating synthetic biology with advanced AI and ML technologies and cutting-edge genomic research, we're not just designing biological systems; we're shaping a future where technology harmoniously meets ecology. 

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